Our Equine Friends


Sergio, the pony


Black Jack


Sierra, the baby

Meet More of Our Equine Friends 

On December 31, 2013, our group took in 8 horses total upon the request of the local humane society and sheriff’s department from a neglectful situation.  Six of the horses were placed in 2 foster homes and 2 landed at the rescue (pictured in the next article below).

Sergio, the pony, was probably in the best shape of all the horses taken that day.  He had trust issues, but once he was touched, he loved the affection.

One of the horses in foster care, named Black Jack, as seen to the right, was so malnourished our volunteers were sure he was only a few months old.  The vet that came to help with a feeding program and to check them out told us he was two years old.  Despite our best efforts to love, clean and feed him, his body was to week to recover and did not make it.  RIP sweet little man.

Lilly, the surrogate mom

We were told Sierra was only a few months old and too young to be away from her mother.  After receiving a specialized diet from the vet, nurturing care from the foster parents and a surrogate mom named Lily, as seen below, she has flourished into a sweet and beautiful young lady.  Her bff, named Bella (not pictured), run, play and are thriving at their foster home.

Lily, as seen on the right, was the surrogate mom to all the horses that came in that day, but especially to the babies.  Despite her scars on the outside, including being blind in one eye, the ones she suffered on the inside were visible too.  She was shy to the new people, but once she got to know you, she was in a pocket kind of horse.

Apache, a 2 year old Appaloosa stud (not pictured), was taken to another foster home where he is doing well.

All of these horses are still under litigation.  We won the first case against the owner in April 2014, but she appealed.  We have sent the surrender forms to the attorneys and are waiting for the defendant’s signature.  When they are signed they will be up for adoption.


Cloud (a.k.a. Zeke)

Meet Cloud (a.k.a. Zeke) and Penny (a.k.a. Lincoln)

When these two boys arrived on December 31, 2013, we were all trying to guess their age and breed.  We soon found out from a visit to the vet they were about 2 years old and stallions.

They both have trust issues, even though we were told Penny had actually been ridden by one of his previous owners.  These 2 were in the best shape of the ones brought in that day.



Penny (a.k.a. Lincoln)


His halter had to be cut off his head by the vet.


In the past couple of months, we were fortunate to get to know a local lady who has volunteered to come help us with handling these handsome men.  They both have a sweet disposition, but gaining their trust in touching them and teaching them to lead has been a challenge.

We are now waiting for the court system to grant us the surrender forms from the previous owner so we can geld them and find them new forever homes.


Sweet boys shortly after arrival.

These two beautiful ladies have found their forever home!

Hello! My name is Miracle Val!

Meet Miracle Val!

She is a wonderful, little 2 year old, sorrel, quarter horse filly that is in need of some TLC. Arriving on the property on 8-10-2011 at about 11:30a.m., after a trip to the vet, she was interested in checking out her new surroundings.  Her adult teeth are starting to come in, so we will be keeping an eye on their progress.  When she walks, you can see the slight swagger from an injury to her hips at birth or right after she was born.  Walking and trotting are okay, just a little stiff, but loping will/ should be kept to a minimum.  We will be calling a farrier to get her feet back into shape.  She seems to be tender footed, a littlehead shy, likes children and adults, and is curious about dogs, cats, chickens and cows.  Horses and food are a couple of things she enjoys.  Trailers and stepping on the lead rope seem to bother her.

All in all, Miracle is special.  Her disposition is very sweet and should make a nice willing partner.  She is our FIRST rescue.  We are glad you are here!!

Enjoying the nice weather.

Training for Ouachita!

Thank you to our volunteers Donald and Pam! They have offered to take Ouachita and start her under saddle! She is a sweet little girl and I’m hoping she fits into your herd. Also, thank you for calling to give me an update when you got her home yesterday! Ya’ll are a wonderful blessing!


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