Newly Adopted

This 1997 mustang named Joey was owned by Ms. Mary.  After emailing us, we were able to assist her in finding him a local home just down the road.  Even though he was never fully trained,  the new individuals offered to help polish his rough edges.  Found new home in June 2014.
IMG_0195 (2013_06_17 16_45_24 UTC)20140524_16354620140524_163534These two older pasture mates were in need of a new family because their current families were struggling with their care.  Suzie and Vicki contacted us for help.  These two quarter horses, named Shiner and Southern Comfort, now have a new field in which to run.  Found a new home in June 2014.  20140524_163141


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We helped Ms. Robin F. find a new forever home for her two Tennessee Walkers.  When she found out she was moving, she contacted us to help.  We listed them on a few different sites and started getting contacted immediately.  She screened the interested individuals and picked a group in OK for troubled teenage girls.  Proud to be able to help them find such a wonderful new place to call home!  Found new home in June 2014.

Abi and Shy Girl



Abbi w her winter coat


Ouachita and Miracle 8

Last week, Miracle and Ouachita went to their new forever home just down the road a bit from the rescue.  We are so excited for the two of them and their new owner Martin.  The girls were here at the rescue for almost 2 years before he looked us up and decided to come visit.  Since he is new to the horse world and doesn’t plan on riding, we gave him a short Horse 101 lesson, introduced him to the horses, answered his questions and he adopted them that day.  We delivered them two weeks later and they’ve all been happy ever since.  I have visited once already and plan on making several more trips to see them this year to help Martin with any needs he and the girls may have.  Found Martin in October 2013.

Ouachita and Miracle 3

Ouachita and Miracle 1










Julie, our 8 year old, paint pony, had been in her foster home for a little over a year.  She now has a new forever home with John and Elizabeth Dunn.  Her former owner loved her, but forgot to trim her feet. They got so long they curled up. When she was rescued, she had trouble walking. With regular trimmings, her feet got back to normal. Now, she is healthy, friendly and fun to be around.  We feel she will have a wonderful new home with lots of love.  Congratulations John and Elizabeth!!! Found Elizabeth and John in September 2013.FionaLittle Miss Fiona is now in her new forever home! She was adopted out of her foster home in the middle of this past January by Melissa and Gary in Hackett, AR. They talked about letting their daughter possibly show Fiona in the future. We hope you enjoy her as much as her foster home did because she’s a real sweetie. Congratulations!  Found Melissa and Gary in September 2013.

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