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This past weekend the Times Record contacted us to do an article on our group. We wanted to share what they had to say.  Follow the link to the article.



Update on helping our equine friends – from October 2012 to March 2013

Over the past 6 months, Nickii (with the help of either Pam or Jill) has been called to help transport 4 ponies and 2 horses in need of forever homes.  She has assessed the situations here in Arkansas and Oklahoma to see the environment the animals were in, contacted future homes for them, picked them up and delivered them.  All of these equines now have permanent safe homes where they will all have the care they need.

Suzanne was also called out on a rescue situation by the Sebastian County Humane Society and Crawford County Sheriff’s Department late last year.  We were to rescue 4 horses that were emaciated and transport them to Tangled Mane in Clarksville, AR.  When we arrived we discovered the owner had sold them to another local horse person to keep himself from going to jail.  Sadly, there was nothing law enforcement could do.  We hope the animals went to a good home.


Volunteer Meeting on February 25,2013

On 2-25-13, Nickii, Pam and I met at Los Jalepenos for lunch. We discussed several past events and a new one set for October. The past two events at J-K Ranch hosted were ACTHA events where we get a portion of the registration fee for every rider. We even received a couple of bags of feed from the events also. On Feb. 23, Christi and I met Linda and Debby at the last event at J-K Ranch to help volunteer for the day. Towards the end of the event, we met Linda from Tangled Mane Rescue and talked for as long as we could about the rescues, horses, Kay and the ACTHA program, insurance, our policies and their program with troubled youth. As soon as I send her information on Ouachita, she said she would put the word out to help us find her a home. We are going to try and get together in the next two weeks to talk more. If anyone else is interested in joining us, please let me know. She is very informative.

As always, I need to update our website, but I am keeping most of our activities on facebook. I put Julie, Fiona and Ouachita on to see if it would help getting them adopted out. We have adopted out Fiona, which was one of the ponies Nickii was fostering. Ouachita has had a few people interested in her, but it seems most people want horses for their children and right now she just would not be a good fit for such a situation. Julie had several people interested. Nothing seemed pan out so Nickii has decided to keep her.

Lastly, we have Hot Dog Day at Atwoods in Fort Smith on Oct. 12, 2013 from 10 am to 2 pm. We’ll be discussing this closer to the actual event, but put it on your calendar if you would like to come.

I hope this catches everyone up with what has been going on over the last couple of months. We will try to have another lunch later this month do discuss any ideas, events or anything having to do with the rescue. Hope you are all doing well.

Talk to you soon,

Volunteer Meeting on September 6, 2012

Howdy to all,

Just wanted to let everyone know about what we discussed last week at our meeting. First, Nickii told us about some feed for horses that have trouble gaining/maintaining weight. There are a few ingredients that the person getting it has to provide, but they would end up with 10 to 12 bags of feed for about $49.00. If anyone is interested in trying this, contact us. She suggested a few people go into this together.

Next, we went over a few topics I was hoping to get opinions on or discussed and here they are.
~Updating the website and facebook
*Need to put more photos and updates of Miracle, Missy, Julie and Fiona on the pages in hopes to get them adopted.
*Need to let everyone know about Phoenix and Sunny – 2 rescues that Nickii and Pam have already placed in homes – told a little about Sunny this morning on facebook.
*Updated pages with our activities on meetings, transporting and placements – post about previous activities to let everyone know what we’ve been doing laAtely.
*Adopt out current horses
*Help more with transportation and placement of others horses, personal or rescued. People need to give us photos, horse info and contact info for us to help them and we will put it on our facebook page, website and possibly other sites.
*Get sponsors to help us get certified through the OK Corral Series.
*Build up more volunteers by networking to help with donations/ sponsors/ fundraisers, general care of animals and possible training.
*Work to acquire a grant from the ASPCA with the help of Elizabeth
* Work to acquire grants for gelding.
*Open house for us possibly Oct.13 or Nov.10 from 2-4.
*Lady River Riders playday on Sept. 22nd from 10 to 3pm at Linda’s with us serving lunch.

So, this was most of the meeting in a nut shell. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, please contact me. We will hopefully get to meet again next month with more to talk about then. Hope everyone is doing well and talk to you soon!

🙂  Suzanne

Volunteer Meeting on February 27, 2012
I would first like to say that I am sorry about dropping the ball on informing everyone about our last meeting.  For some reason, I had it in my head
that everyone has a computer and the internet.  Then I thought, everyone does Facebook.  Wrong on both account and I know it.  So I am sorry for not emailing and calling others about this last meeting which we had on Feb. 27.
During the meeting we covered a couple of topics.  We started off by discussing the Clinton Anderson tour stop in Tulsa towards the end of March.  We applied for one of the rescues his organization might pick for a fundraising ball toss.  I received an email yesterday letting us know we did not make the cut.  They only choose one organization per stop.  I was under the impression they chose more, but I’m glad we were giving the opportunity to apply and wish the best of luck in raising money to the winner.  Thank you Clinton for helping organizations help horses.
Next, we discussed “Touch a Horse” for April 7.  I was able to get in contact with Denny Flynn at Kay Roger’s Park about using Harding arena.  He let me know he what they would only charge us to use the facility (they normally charge $500) and we would have to show that our insurance would cover the park.  The money would cover his expenses of having someone open the gates and clean up.  We decided that was a reasonable price, so I called him back to book it.  While I talked with him about our event, he started telling me about the insurance requirements of the park.  I’ll have to contact our insurance to see about all of it and how much it will cost us before we commit to using their facility.  Denny seems like a wonderful person and want to help us if he can.  Linda, Nickii and Pam are working on some ideas for our photography area for this event.
Linda and her husband, Bill, have invited us to use their property again for our Favorite Trail Horse event.  We are discussing having it toward the beginning of May.  Nickii, Kerry and Pam went to Kay Carmonde’s place in Hartman yesterday for more ideas on obstacles and such.  They had a good time.  They also came back with a couple more obstacles we might try out.  More details to come.
In June, we have booked Applebee’s for a pancake breakfast fundraiser.  It will be on June 30th.  We will need to sell a minimum 100 tickets and provide a hostess, wait staff and cleaning the tables crew.  Should be a good time for everyone!
Lastly,  Kay Robinson has been coming out the past couple of Wednesdays to help me with grooming our ladies.  They look so much better!  She has also had the opportunity to play with them by teaching them better ground manners.  Thank you so much!  Pam Peterson, with help from Donald, has offered to start Ouachita under saddle.  They will be picking her up later today.  Thank you so much too!
I will be reporting again soon to keep everyone up to date with our activities.  Until then, have a wonderful day!!
🙂  Suzanne
Volunteer Meeting on  January 30, 2012
Thank you to everyone that came to our last meeting.  It was wonderful to see you all there and very helpful to get all the new ideas and opinions.
We discussed several  fundraising ideas.  Linda’s idea about the Clinton Anderson tour stops are in the works.  I applied to be one of the charities involved at his March 24 and 25 stop in Tulsa.  I am still waiting on a response from them to see if we made it or not.  I hope everyone interested got the information about the free tickets, but if not call me and we will get it to you.  When we get approved, I hope many of you can join us in selling the balls and winning the BIG prize!!!
The pancake breakfast at Applebee’s was next on the table.  I talked to the manager this week and he informed me their first open Saturdays start in June.  They have several open in June and July, so we just need to vote on which weekend would work best for everyone that is interested in helping.  He told me we will make $3 on each ticket sold, we will need to provide waiters/ waitresses, we will need to sell a minimum of 100 tickets and they will provide all the food and drinks, except for the bacon and sausage unless we want to up the price of the breakfast.  Please email me with your thoughts on a date and if you have any questions.
Lunch at the Outback was brought to our attention by Robert.  Thank you for this!  Heather will be trying to contact them this week about possible dates and details, so I’ll keep the lines open on this.  Pizza was also brought up to do fundraising.
Our next fundraiser discussed was our “Touch a Horse”.  We decided to have it in Fort Smith, either at Kay Rogers Park or Ben Geren, and to do it sometime in March.  I haven’t talked to anyone yet at Kay Rogers Park about their facilities, but will do that this week.  We will also try to talk to someone (sorry I can’t recall the name)  from Ben Geren tomorrow night at the LLR meeting.  We need to get a date set so we can start getting the word out, but that might be determined from the conversations we have with the individuals in charge of the facilities.  You all had a lot of good ideas on spreading the word too!  We’ll make fliers as soon as the details are in place.
I believe if we are going to have a photo shoot, where people bring their horses or other pets, maybe we should do that in April.  It should be a pretty time of year with flowers and trees starting to bloom.  Ben Geren might be a good place to do this because of the open spaces and all the room.  Nice backgrounds should be easy to find.  But we discussed Atwoods too.  We need to talk to them about this.  Bedford’s might help sponsor this.  They do a lot of free pictures for different events and holidays, so I’ll get with Jeff or Larry to find out if they could donate the printing.
Nickii had a coggins clinic at her house with the South Sebastian Animal Clinic vets this past weekend with a good turn out.  Even though the day was dreary, everyone had a good experience and good attitudes.  They are talking about having another one in the fall or the same time next year.  The prices were good and there was a lot offered.  If you are interested in participating in the next one, just let us know so they can plan when the next on will be.
I hope to see many of you again at our next meeting.  It should be the last Monday evening of the month.  I’ll email everyone again with the details on when and where.  Talk to you soon
🙂  Suzanne
Advisory Board Meeting on  January 14, 2012
Hi everyone,

We had a wonderful meeting last Saturday.  I’m sorry not everyone could make it, but we’ll try to do another one on Saturday morning at my house again next month if everyone is up for it.  Our next meeting is on Monday, January 30th at 6:30 at Moka Joe’s.

So, here is what we have…  Linda informed me a couple of weeks ago about Clinton Anderson’s fund raising  activities for rescues.  We discussed it at the meeting and at least 4 of us will be going (Linda, Debra, Nickii, Heather and me) if we get approved to participate.  I applied and will hopefully hear some thing this week.  He will be in Tulsa on March 24th and 25th.  Please let me know if anyone else would like to come with us to increase our chances of winning or if you have any questions about it.  If we’re approved, let’s go there and WIN BIG!!!
We discussed a pancake breakfast at Applebee’s without horses (we voted).  Serena told me her nieces’ ball team have raise up to $900 before.  She also told me that they got the last to dates available this year… YOU GO GIRLS!!!  I have not checked with them yet to see when the next date available is, but will do that soon.
Touch a Horse is still in the works.  We thought about having it out at the fair grounds if they allow us to do it for free since we won’t be charging for admission.  We’ll try to raise money by taking photos and selling them and asking for donations.  They already have the facility set up and it’s in town to draw a bigger crowd.  We are looking at trying to put it together for March.
Hug a Horse is something Linda and I learned about through Equestrian Bridges on Facebook.  We could have an open house, bring a couple more horses over and invite children to hug a horse.  We thought about February for this event and to keep it minimal.
I think “Work smart… not hard” should be our motto for the next couple of months in regards to putting our next events together.  We’ll get our name out there and hopefully get more of the community involved.  I’ll keep posting to Facebook , do better about updating about our current residence on our webpage and making more contacts.  Ya’ll can share anytime about what I put on Facebook or the website to increase our traffic and support.
Thank you for all you do,
Suzanne  🙂
Advisory Board meeting on November 9, 2011
Our last meeting was a small, but fruitful one.  Pam, Nickii and I met Linda at her house to have 4 horses’ teeth checked and floated.  Buck Matthews was wonderful.  Very polite and kind to our partners… and answered all our questions, most of them were mine I think.  Afterwards, we went into Linda’s house to eat (thank you Linda for a wonderful lunch) and have our meeting.  We did a little more eating and visiting than meeting, but we did discuss our list of people and corporations we will be sending information to for sponsorship.  We came up with a pretty good list to start off.  We even hit the internet for a little help.  If anyone would like to add to our list, please email me or Linda your ideas.
We will be having a Christmas get together on Saturday, Dec. 3.  We will probably have it here at my house for lunch.  Hope to work out the details by Monday.  Would love to know who is interested in coming to help me plan everything a little better.
Lastly, I am working on the details for a “Touch a Horse” event for February.  In my last email, I believe I sent some of the description of this event.  I think having it around Valentine’s Day might be good, either Feb. 11 or 18.  Also, having it from about 10am to 2pm.  We’ve had a couple of suggestions on locations in Fort Smith I will be checking into soon.  Will keep ya’ll updated on progress.
 If I don’t talk or see you before, please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
Talk you ya’ll soon,
Suzanne  🙂
Advisory Board meeting on October 27, 2011
Hope everyone is doing well and is going to have a safe and happy Halloween!  Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to post this, but I just thought I’d let everyone know about our last meeting last Thursday.
We discussed the pros and cons of our favorite trail horse event.
we were organized
we had FUN!!!
the paper plates to mark the next obstacle was wonderful
maybe invest in a mega phone for portability
get more organized with prizes
more food and maybe a bake sale
better paint and a sign for the pony poop game
have it a different time of year
We mulled over several more ideas for raising money which include:
fish fry with silent auction
bake sale… WE LOVE FOOD!
touch a horse… explained below*
drawings at meetings or events
garage sale
gift cards
problem horse clinics
marketing mail campaign
ACTHA trail ride in April
cookie dough, candy, etc. sales
*This touch a horse idea is from Sharon Kersh and I copied it from an email.
Food for thought….what do adults w/ kids like most??  Free stuff to take their kids to that wears them out!!  soooo….

What about “TOUCH A HORSE DAY” (like chick fil-a “touch a truck day”)  or “Fall Festivus” (hahaha, seinfeld) to introduce RED Gate Rescue to the community and bring about awareness.
keep it simple….
  • hay rides
  • bake sale
  • pony rides
  • campfire to do a s’mores bar (let kids toast own marshmallows)
  • touch/brush a horse
  • ride a big horse w/ an expert
  • face painting (use teenagers to do this)
  • bring Val w/ a big sign saying “our first rescue”
  • bigger pooper game
  • maybe hot chocolate for sale (swiss miss)
  • climb a tractor
not necessarily all of this, just ideas
all kids must be accompanied by adults
would need lots of volunteers and liability forms
tell people to bring the coats, mittens, hats and blankets
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
You have some AMAZING women w/ AMAZING horses/ponies that kids would LOOOOOVE!!  You know my kids love that stuff, just think of all the kids that don’t have access to this adventure/experience.  Let children get a chance to possibly overcome a fear they might have of such a large animal.  Let them have it for free and have DONATION jars EVERYWHERE and/or at the entrance (like Oktoberfest) and just make what you can with it, but more importantly get the name out there.  Adults will let other adults down, but typically parents try, in general, not to let their children down.
With all this in mind, our next meeting will be on November 10th.  Haven’t decided on a time yet, but will keep you all posted.  Will talk to ya’ll soon!!
🙂  Suzanne
Advisory Board meeting on October 6, 2011
Last Thursday we accomplished so much and we hope to do the same this coming Thursday.
We decided the changes that needed to be made to the next breakfast were:
– start later like around 7am
– have it at another location
– put Christmas items in the auction
Some of the things we decided about our event at Linda’s were:
– all volunteers are going to wear bandannas and different colors will be assigned to different jobs, along with our t-shirts
– chili, crackers and cobbler will be available to purchase along with water and canned drinks near or at Bonnie and Larry’s chuck wagon
– we will have people pull into the gate to pay and receive their liability forms and other paperwork, then they will park, but not allowed to get out until coggins is checked and liability forms are returned
– we will have the agility course run first  at 11am, the “Man From Snowy River” is next, Halloween contest is third and the scavenger hunt is last
– we are in the process of getting donations for our prizes –  Nickii has talked to Cavendars and I have talked to Economy feed so far, but will be hitting a couple more places this week
– Linda has got the word out to a ton of radio stations, magazines and papers
– we will be taking photos of those that show up to this Thurs. meeting with a horse to post on Facebook and the website
– we will also be determining parking with those that show up with a horse and timing the courses (hopefully)
– we hope to get the agility course set up on Thursday
– we will have a p.a system set up along with 2 port-a-potties
– Nickii is working on printing #’s for competitors, I am working on scavenger hunt list (suggestions are welcomed) , a big first aid kit and rules (will be discussed at meeting), Linda is working on the banner and mowing her property – HUGE!
Okay, so we are getting it together, but we still have some work to do.  Thanks for everyone’s help and we’ll see some of you on Thursday.
🙂  Suzanne
Our First Fundraiser Pancake Breakfast
Thank you to everyone who volunteered, organized and donated for our October 1st pancake breakfast fundraiser.  IT WAS A BIG SUCCESS!!!  We raised over $700 to use for our horses.  Everyone was so generous with their time, money and gifts to make it as wonderful as it was.  We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s generosity.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
🙂  Suzanne
Advisory board meeting from September 8, 2011 and other news
This rescue has been blessed with an amazing group of caring individuals.  I consider many of you the angels helping watch over the horses.  Everyone that has been to see the horses we have on the property has been SO generous.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
Our meeting on September 8th, proved once again to be super productive.  We assigned many duties to volunteers for the pancake breakfast.  Food has been taken care of and marketing has been handled.  We discussed many items we will use for the silent auction and the activities for the children.  The final details are getting worked out now by several of us.  We will be meeting at Linda’s house on Wednesday, September 21st, at 6pm to put together our adoptable stick horses and to discuss the event at her house on October 22nd (we moved it from the 29th to the 22nd because of a benefit trail ride).  I have had a few volunteers offer to make a few dishes for the bake sale also.
Even though, I didn’t post too much about this last meeting, there was a lot going on.  Several ideas were being tossed around about Linda’s event.  I would rather post about that later when we have them more ironed out.
🙂  Suzanne
Radio Interview
This coming Monday, September 26th, the Fort Smith Radio Group will be playing an interview with me on stations 103.1 FM and 1230 AM between 8:30 am and 9:00 am. We discussed the Rescue and the breakfast. Hope everyone gets to tune in for it and enjoys it! 🙂


Advisory board meeting from August 18, 2011 and other news


You ladies are great!  Yesterday’s meeting was wonderful.  Correct me if any of this is not correct.  Some of the meeting was hard for me to follow because of my little distraction… gotta love her.

Please forgive me for not introducing you to my sister, Sharon.  She came in with my mom, Rita, you met at the last meeting..  She looks a little like me, but is a little more quite.
I haven’t found my paper yet that Heather was taking notes for me on, so this is what I can remember…
Pancake breakfast…We went over the mop horses.  SO CUTE, Linda!  I think a couple of us wanted to try our hand at it, then at the next meeting compare notes and start getting some made.  Sharon is going to try to find a copy of the Cabbage Patch Kids adoption paper as a reference for our horses.  Nickii and Debra got the plates donated and maybe the cups.  Heather has tracked down the food, but we all might donate some bacon since it is more expensive.  Linda is checking on griddles.  We’ve gotten the flyer out to many businesses, but we need to put some back up at a couple of the places that took them down.  We’ve also gotten the word out on the internet.
I was suppose to send you ladies the liability form, pancake breakfast flyer (hope everything is spelled right), determination letter and EIN from the IRS. See the attachments.   Nickii said she would help us out with getting the liability signs put together.
I will let everyone know about the horse the Humane Society called me about ask soon as they call me back.  Serena found hay at the Smart Mart for $7.75 a bale.  May need to get some or at least check it out.  Debra gave us some feed…thank you!
John M. (he may want to stay anonymous, need to check with him)  sent us some money when I let him know we took on our first horse.  He wants us to keep him posted on the different things we are doing.  I invited him out to see our little ranch and he just might take me up on that.
Linda’s event should happen on Oct. 29th.  Next meeting we will start talking more about that.  Annetta Tinsman also wants to help with a trail ride fundraiser.  I will try to get in touch with her by early next week.
Okay, feel free to add or correct anything.  I’ll be talking to everyone soon!
🙂  Suzanne


Advisory Board meeting from July 28 and other news


We had a great turn out for the advisory board meeting.  Rita displayed her skills in knitting by showing us a towel she is going to make, along with a couple more to make a set, for the silent auction.  I showed how “crafty” (I use this term loosely) my scrapbooking skills are by bringing some cards to build a set for the auction also.  We discussed the food and drinks we will be serving.  We decided on prices along with making mop/ stick horses for the children.  Debra and Nicki volunteered to talk to someone about donating cups, plates and/ or table clothes.  Heather is going to track down some food.  Linda was going to see about getting the griddles.  I was suppose to make up flyers and tickets, which I did.  We accomplished soooo much!  YEAH!!!

Linda has been a marketing machine this week.  She has sent out so many press releases/ fliers over the internet… ITS AMAZING!  She put up a few around Greenwood also.  She talked to Teresa from the antique store in Witcherville to help us spread the word on Facebook.  Adoption papers are now going to come with the mop/stick horses per Linda.  We hope to sell these on the website.
Debra Jones called me to tell me about a horse in need of rescue in Greenwood.  I talked to the gentleman and he said he is giving her away with papers because he is moving and can’t sell her.  According to him, she has a leg injury, she doesn’t need medical care and should be in decent shape.  We hope to go look at her tomorrow and get back in touch with him afterwards to maybe pick her up.  This could be our first horse!!!  We also talked about getting together on Oct. 1st to help each other out with the anniversary celebration and breakfast.  Linda again is helping with this.
Heather is coming to Hackett tomorrow to help me figure out insurance, food and probably some other things I can’t remember.  Will give an update on that later.
Lastly, paypal is up and running on the website.  You can buy tickets or make donations.  I set up a Twitter account and added it to the website.  If you have friends on facebook you think might be interested in coming to the breakfast, feel free to invite them through the event page.
Thank you everyone for your hard work!!
🙂  Suzanne


Advisory Board Meeting on June 29th and other news

On June 29, 2011, we had an advisory board meeting.  Linda Owen came up with the idea of a pancake breakfast for one of our fundraisers last week, so we had a to do lunch to discuss it.  She reserved the Buckner Park community building for 3 Saturdays in October.  We will be deciding on a date within the next few days.  Debra Jetkiewicz had a wonderful idea for kids attending the event, but we are going to keep it a surprise for now.

Also discussed was a family day chalked full of horses, demonstrations, food, hay rides, karaoke, a bon fire and many other fun activities. We talked about the obstacle couse and the different obstacles that might be included.  We also asked Bonnie Wylie to do a demo with Woody and to check with her husband about their chuch wagon with food.  The plans are to have this during the fall.


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