About us

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation with a love for our four legged, furry friends.  Helping these amazing creatures by giving them the love and care they deserve, is our main goal.  Natural horsemanship is a principal we strongly believe in to start the healing process.  It is also a natural progression to help people become more empowered to deal with many facets of their lives.

We are a group of individuals wanting to make a difference… one horse at a time.

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  1. Gus says:

    So glad to see this happening.
    I think one thing that needs to be done is to put pressure on the Sebastian County Sheriff to take real action when someone reports a starving horse.
    Last year I reported a horse that was being starved. Called on a Friday around noon and they tell me the animal control officer is already gone and won’t be back until Monday. When the animal control deputy finally checks, he makes an excuse of the other horse is keeping it from eating and she is nursing a colt. Nothing is done even after other neighbors reported the abuse.
    I plan on making it to the fund raiser breakfast and wish you luck.

    • redgaterescue says:

      Thank you for your interest in the welfare of horses. I hope we will be able to work with the Sheriff’s Department one day soon to see if we can help out more horses. We are just starting out and are only able to take on a couple of horses, but we plan to expand to help others. We hope to get to meet you at the breakfast.

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